Mike Harrison Custom Homes

From $1 Million

Custom Homes from $1 Million

Mike Harrison’s career began as a framing contractor in high school. Since 1976, Mike Harrison has been designing and building custom homes. His 37 years of experience became tailored to golf course and lake lot homes in 1990. Harrison has built homes throughout Houston, Tennessee, Florida and Oklahoma. When you buy a Mike Harrison home, you buy a home graced with the quality of yesteryear with the comforts and technology of today.

At Mike Harrison, it is all about family. Mike Harrison Custom Homes is a family business in which skilled craftsmen and Harrison’s son, Michael, make up the team. Every Mike Harrison home is uniquely built, combining convenient features with outstanding design to convey a remarkable beauty and maximum efficiency in gracious living. Today is the day to join your family with ours as we all embark on the building of your new home.

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