Cypress Residents Gain Craft Beer and Rwandan Coffee at The Boardwalk at Towne Lake

Friday January 29, 2016

Ready to know more Boardwalk at Towne Lake tenants?

Welcome World of Beer and Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co. to the Boardwalk at Towne Lake. You’ve learned about Jaxton’s, an Italian concept restaurant, and Orangetheory Fitness coming to the Boardwalk.

Now we can get excited about beer and coffee. World of Beer, which will make Boardwalk it’s third Houston location, is known for offering 550 varieties of craft beer. The company has found success in their Katy and Sugar Land locations. The success of World of Beer comes from their ability to offer you an almost endless list of craft beers, tavern fare, craft spirits, and live entertainment.

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co. is a Georgia-based restaurant that has become known for paying fair wages to Rwandan farmers.The Boardwalk at Towne Lake will be their first Texas location.

Melinda Bodukoglu, a local franchisee and Cypress resident, is opening the business with her husband. Melinda had this to say about the business,

"Land of a Thousand Hills isn’t just a coffee shop….Not only will we offer desserts and baked goods like pastries, cakes, scones, cupcakes and pies handmade from scratch daily, but we’ll do so in an environment that promotes green living — utilizing collaborative trade, fair prices and recycled products."

The more tenants announced for the Boardwalk, the more exciting the grand opening gets. The Boardwalk is becoming a hub for businesses across the nation to make their first step into our growing Houston community. Spring 2016 could not come any faster.