Towne Lake Water Park & Splash Pads

Wednesday July 31, 2019

A big thank you to Towne Lake for sponsoring this post!

One of our favorite perks of living in Towne Lake is all the water activities it has to offer. With multiple splash pads, pools and beaches, a lake you can have boats on, an island and it’s own water park, it cannot be beat!

Mother daughter splash pad

Towne Lake Water Park

The most impressive in my opinion is the water park. It has a huge enclosed slide, a lazy river, a deep area with a diving board, and a few other areas outside of the lazy river for hanging out in the water.

Towne Lake water park

The lazy river is our family’s favorite, especially since the tubes are provided. We already have so much stuff to bring to the pool that the last thing we want to do is to haul in four inner tubes!

We also appreciate that there are plenty of tables and loungers, the fact that lifeguards are on duty in the water park area and how clean the staff keeps the pool, deck and grounds.

Diving board

The water park opened on May 31st and will close for the year after Labor Day weekend. It is open Tuesday-Sunday from noon-8pm. If you are a Towne Lake resident and haven’t been, don’t let the summer pass by without you checking it out!

Towne Lake slide

Towne Lake Splash Pad

My kids are still a little young for some parts of the water park, so we spend most of our time at the connected splash pad.

There is about a foot and a half or so of water in the splash pad. Most kids should be able to stand in it, but if they are not 100% comfortable in the water yet, I recommend having them in some sort of floatation device to give yourself an additional layer of protection.

Splash pad with pool

This splash pad is so much fun for Adeline. There are typical splash pad sprayers (see over on the left) and then the large, shallow pool. The pool section has a slanted beach entry, which is great for little ones. It also has a large playscape with two small slides and lots of fountains spraying water. The kids go crazy over it!

splash pad in Towne Lake

I also like that this splash pad is gated off from the other pools, there is a covered area with tables and chairs nearby for you to keep your things/have lunch and there are bathrooms nearby!

Lap Pool

In addition to the water park amenities and the splash pad, there is also a lap pool for anyone wanting to get in some exercise. Lastly, there is a beach into the lake right out front!

Lap Pool

You can bring your own food and drinks (just no alcohol), and there is a concession area that sells snacks. Lastly, the water park is accessible by car AND by boat. There is a day dock right outside the water park, so you can include a dip in the pool or a lap around the lazy river to your boat outing!

Please note that all these amenities are for Towne Lake residents and their guests only. You have to show your resident ID card to get in!

Bridgeport Pass Pool & Splash Pad

Towne Lake has another beautiful pool in one of the more established sections. It is on Bridgeport Pass Circle, for those who live in Towne Lake . This pool has an attached splash pad, a covered area with tables and bathrooms. It is usually not as crowded as the main pool and has a great view of an adjacent small lake. This pool is a hidden gem, open to Towne Lake residents only (keypad entry).

Towne Lake original clubhouse pool

Something to note about this pool and splash pad – they are not separated by at gate. Therefore if you do not have children that can swim, undivided attention from the parents is an absolute must.

splash pad
Mother son in float

Towne Lake’s Mini Splash Pad

Towne Lake has a mini splash pad on W Pedernales River Dr. It is completely gated in and has no pool nearby (a parent’s dream). It also has a covered area with a picnic table attached. I highly recommend this splash pad if you are outnumbered when it comes to children versus adults. This splash pad is also open to Towne Lake residents only (keypad entry).

Towne lake mini splash pad
Toddler running through splash pad

The Lake Itself

Above all, though, it’s Towne Lake itself that really makes the community special. We keep our boat on the water and love the convenience of being able to hop on and head up to the Boardwalk at Towne Lake for dinner or to head over to the island to let the kids play on the beach. Anyone can check out the community from the water by setting up a FREE boat tour!

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